Tough Wrap? Nail-Biting Prep?
Call Genie PV!

When you're wrapping out a tough location (or pre-cleaning a location), call us first! We handle the difficult jobs with great equipment, elbow grease and a fine eye for detail. We can tackle pressure washing for concrete, alleys, buildings, dumpster areas, and more. We'll remove the "little things" that end up looming large on your location bill (gum, grease, cigarette ashes, spilled coffee on difficult-to-clean surfaces, etc.), so you won't have to worry about a thing. At the end of a long job, what could be better than that kind of confidence?

We've seen all kinds of extensive production landscape damage (broken sprinklers, trampled grass, ruined flowerbeds, tree removal, damaged softscape) and have turned around a spotless location. We're also handy to haul trash and debris--even the big art-department loads.

Genie Production Vehicles supplies you with the manpower and trucking to handle the toughest preps and wraps. Our fleet includes a box truck, stake bed, dump trailer, pressure washer trailer and 500-gallon non-potable water trailer. (Note: these trucks are driven by GPV personnel and are not available for rent-and-drive.)

We're here to help with heated steam-cleaning of alleys, parking lots, driveways, decks--anything that production may need to have cleaned prior to or after the shoot.